Building Help Has Arrived! – Voidbound – Ep 16

Double episodes this week on Voidbound – hope you enjoy the extra content from the SMP Minecraft server I belong to.  Today we get started on our building adviser office. A few people on the server thought I should build a building business – so now we will have one in due time. 

How to Build a Barn – Voidbound – Ep 15

Time for us to expand our fishing house and add a place for a few new animal friends! Our goal on the Voidbound Minecraft server is to build a barn in today’s episode.  Hope you enjoy and if you do, make sure you subscribe or tell 10 friends to!

Rock Hunt – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 170

We have been playing in the snapshots for a while, but have yet to make or find some of the new rock types like granite, andesite and diorite. So today we take a bit of an adventuring trip to see how far off we need to go to find these new building blocks.