How to Kill Bunnies – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 182

The Minecraft rabbits were caught a few episodes ago and now it is time to play with them.  In today’s single player Minecraft adventure we will build a rabbit killing device of our very own and see what we can do to grab a lucky rabbit’s foot! 

Building a Fishy Wall! – Voidbound – Ep 24

Last week we talked with Fish about the wall he needed around his village and now we are here to deliver the goods.  Watch me build the wall and also get a new build advisor job from our good buddy Gryphon.  Remember to leave a comment.

New Nether Hub – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 179

I needed a kick in the butt when it comes to projects and I think I have found a worthy goal to get done now.  We are going to head into the roof of the Nether and design us a really pretty Nether Hub.  Like what you see? Make sure you leave a comment, leave a like and tell your friends to watch!