ARK Survival Evolved – Riding Dirty! – Part 6 (Gameplay Walkthrough)

Our adventure through the lands of ARK: Survival Evolved continue! We craft ourselves our first saddle on today’s episode to try out the whole world of getting around on a dinosaur’s back.  The survival aspect of ARK: Survival Evolved has been tons of fun – hope you have enjoyed watching me trip through the progress of this amazing game!

Wizard’s Tower Arms – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 237 (1080p HD Gameplay)

Time to start some abstract building.  We have picked out a Minecraft 1.8 color and block layout to use – so now it is time to get to work on our Wizard’s Tower.  Every good tower needs towers hanging off the main tower – of course.  Our Minecraft building is going to get a little wacky but I promise it should be fun to watch and try this new type of building style and blocks!