Minecraft UHC: Handful of Golden Apples! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 6

Voidbound UHC, Season 1 is back again and we are still battling it out in the world of Minecraft against three other teams.  The odds might be stacked against us but we still have a few tricks up our Purple Team sleeves. 

Keep watching, cheering us on and make sure you leave a like and a comment.  Love all the views, positive feedback and love for this amazing Minecraft Ultra-Hardcore battle royal.

Mine Town Ports! – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 227

Time to add some ports to the Mine Town! Today, we start building a port area next to our the fantastic Mine Town we have been working on for so long.  This way we can import and export goods from across the seas!  Our main goal for today is to lay down the basics of the building and try to figure out what we will do with it creatively.  Make sure you leave a comment if you have any feedback on this idea.

Minecraft UHC: Need Diamonds! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 5

Ultra Hardcore time! Team Purple has been through it all in these caves but today we will be up for something a little different.  Will we go head to head with somebody new, fail horribly or continue to live and fight another day? You’ll have to watch, cheer us on and then check out all the other perspectives in the description!

Minecraft SMP: Stronghold Center Tower Planning – Voidbound – Ep 71

The stronghold castle is taking shape! Minecraft seems to always lean towards the medieval style of building so why not take advantage of that and build a castle/fort like area around the Voidbound stronghold? We play around with a few design ideas for the center tower – do you like it? Let me know your feedback and suggestions in the comments!

Minecraft UHC: Team Sissy Bar! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 4

The Voidbound Ultra Hardcore season continues! Paige and myself have made it thus far but how much further can we and the other people survive? This Minecraft battle to the death has been so much fun and I hope we make it to another episode – what do you think or will it all be over today?

Leave your comments on our performance today and make sure you watch everybody else’s point of view too!

FTB Regrowth: How to Get Trees – Ep 5

Today we play some more on the Regrowth modpack.  Our goal for today is to dive a little deeper into the world of creating new plants to harvest and grow.  The main thing I would like to discover in this Feed the Beast modpack would be how to get my hands on some trees and some saplings.  If you enjoy this series, make sure you leave a comment and watch it twice to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

Minecraft UHC: Geared Up! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 3

We have divided up into four teams to see who will be the last man (or woman) standing! Voidbound UHC is a battle to the death where only one team can be left standing.  Make sure you watch us get geared up today and cross your fingers that we make it through the episode!

Feed the Beast SMP: Runic Dungeons & Fun! – Void FTB – Ep 9

A bunch of us on the Voidbound FTB server decided to take a look at the Runic Dungeons mod within Feed the Beast: Infinity.  While it didn’t go as expected we did still have a ton of fun.  Make sure you leave your comments on this adventure and then go watch the perspectives of a few other Voidbounders.

Minecraft UHC: Ravine o’ Plenty! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 2

Ultra Hardcore is back and ready to go into round two! Will Paige and myself survive past the second episode?  The Voidbound UHC is a battle to the death for four teams.  The last team standing is the winner of this awesome Minecraft event.  Make sure you leave a like, a comment and check out some other perspectives.

Mine Town Portal Path – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 226

We got supplies last episode, so today we get back to work building around the mine town.  Our project for the day is to build up the nether portal tunnel into the mining area. Like what you see me building in Minecraft? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know.