Commerce! – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 176

We are back to work on the fishing village in our Minecraft survival single player world.  Today’s big goal will be to work on adding some shops and mapping out the commerce area of our current creation.  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for the buildings!

TEAM VB Tribute! – Voidbound – Ep 20

Our time on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server has been a ton of fun and has made me fall in love with SMP Minecraft again. So, with that in mind we build a tribute sculpture/statue dedicated to the establishment of the server itself.  Leave me a comment if you enjoyed the video.

Small-Time YouTuber Thoughts – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 175

Today I will show you some of the planning that goes on “behind the scenes” when it comes to planning on what happens next with my building process.  We also do some talking about YouTube, my personal goal with putting videos out there and a few other things.  Hope you enjoy and please be sure to leave your comments!

Farm Mountain Upgrades – Voidbound – Ep 20

We take a break from building for other Voidbounders and start upgrading our farm mountain some more.  This time we add a very simple melon/pumpkin farm to our hideout on the Minecraft server.  Show me some love and share this around to your friends!