Elite Ship Parking – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 228

Our port area of the mine town is growing, so we need a few more buildings in and around the area.  Today, we build a fancy loading/unloading area. It makes sense to have a place to export/import goods from the mines by the sea.  Feel free to watch and let me know if you have any feedback on the building. 

Minecraft: Fancy New Gear! (Crypt Crawler) Episode 2

We continue to hack and slash our way through this vast Minecraft dungeon. We have collected a little loot (and bought some too) so now we are ready to head back in and see what else Crypt Crawler has in store for us.

Enjoying this series? Make sure you leave a like and a comment to let me know. This map is a ton of fun so I highly suggest you all go check it out right now.

Feed the Beast SMP: Steampunk Town Hall Tour – Void FTB – Ep 10

The Voidbound FTB Infinity town hall is finished.  This whole building has a steampunk theme to it and overall I am really happy with the results.  It might be one of my favorite things I have built in Minecraft.  In today’s episode I’ll take you on a tour through the building and then we get to work adding detail to our next project – the Voidbound library!

Minecraft: Lucky Blade! (Crypt Crawler) Episode 1

What do you do in Crypt Crawler? Hack and slash your way through a vast dungeon. Collect loot and fight powerful monsters.

This is a really fun dungeon crawler adventure map created by NateT_Bird that I suggest you all check out.  I thought it might be fun to do a little series around it while I test it out so I hope you enjoy.  If you do, make sure you let me know in the comments!

FTB Regrowth: Homestead – Ep 6

Now that we have gotten things established in the world of Regrowth, it is time we get started with building ourselves a homestead.  Our home in this Minecraft world where we can learn more about how to bring life back to this world.  Regrowth is a Feed the Beast modpack – tons of fun too! Try it yourself, just remember not to give me any spoilers!

Minecraft UHC: Come Get Some! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 8

Who is ready for another Minecraft UHC battle? Voidbound’s first Ultra Hardcore battle royal has been an interesting one.  We continue to battle the elements, the monsters and the foes today and try our best to be the last man standing.  How do we do? Watch the video and PLEASE leave your feedback in the comments.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback for this entire series! Team Purple FTW!

Minecraft UHC: Everyone vs Mitch! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 7

Our first season of Minecraft Ultra Hardcore has been a tough one but we are back and ready to draw first blood! The game is simple. Minecraft survival.  I have been playing this game for how many years? How hard can it be to survive and thrive? Join us as we do battle against the odds and against them all in this seventh episode of Voidbound UHC!

Minecraft SMP: Finished Stronghold Exterior – Voidbound – Ep 72

We make a major push today to finish the Stronghold exterior on the Voidbound Minecraft server.  We put up a few more walls, decorate some and throw down some lovely bushes here and there.  Once that is complete, we take a look at what all we need to do to finish up the interior design of the Minecraft Stronghold.

Minecraft UHC: Handful of Golden Apples! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 6

Voidbound UHC, Season 1 is back again and we are still battling it out in the world of Minecraft against three other teams.  The odds might be stacked against us but we still have a few tricks up our Purple Team sleeves. 

Keep watching, cheering us on and make sure you leave a like and a comment.  Love all the views, positive feedback and love for this amazing Minecraft Ultra-Hardcore battle royal.

Mine Town Ports! – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 227

Time to add some ports to the Mine Town! Today, we start building a port area next to our the fantastic Mine Town we have been working on for so long.  This way we can import and export goods from across the seas!  Our main goal for today is to lay down the basics of the building and try to figure out what we will do with it creatively.  Make sure you leave a comment if you have any feedback on this idea.