Mitch Tries Civilization V

It is time to take my ruling ways to another game – this time Civilization 5! We search our new home for neighbors and foes, develop new technology and do your basic getting started guide for this epic video game.  I’ve been a big fan of the Civilization series going back to the SNES so this game was a really fun one for me to try.  Remember, if you like the video make sure you leave a comment, a like and tell me you want me to turn this into a regular series!

Feed the Beast SMP: Getting Started with Bees! – Void FTB – Ep 9

Feed the Beast is a modpack with lots of interesting paths to follow.  For 8 episodes I have been talking about wanting to get started with bee breading and today we finally get started with it.  We grab bees, apiaries and all the other tools you need to get started with bees.  Make sure you leave a comment if you enjoyed or if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in a future episode.

Mitch Has Been Left 4 Dead

Time to give another fresh game a shot to see if there is an interest in me doing a series.  This time we dig into the vault and pull out Left 4 Dead.  Make sure you leave your love for this zombie filled first person shooter in the comments and I might continue on and turn this one time video into a series!

Minecraft: More Island Highway Building! – Voidbound – Ep 54

Our road building continues on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server.  We head towards Flair’s place and do a little landscaping to make sure we have room for the road too.  We also do a little work on the river so it continues on along the side of the road.  If you’d like to see me build something in between my place and Flair’s, make sure you leave a comment and let me know.

Foreman’s Garden! – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 211

The foreman of our mining facility we are building in our single player Minecraft world needs a hobby.  How about some gardening? We plant some carrots, potatoes and more for him to keep himself busy with.  Make sure if you have more building ideas or if you enjoyed what you saw – leave a comment!

Mitch Tries Sim City

Today we dive into the world of Sim City! I thought since I had some free time we might try recording an episode of this to see if you guys might be interested in seeing me play more?  Let me know with your likes and comments if you’d like to see me turn this into a series!

Minecraft: Hang Gliding Fun – Void FTB – Ep 7

Our adventure into the world of modded Minecraft brings us to flying, well… gliding at least.  I try my hand at making a basic hang glider and also show off some of the reorganizing I have done inside of my house.  We are playing Feed the Beast with the Voidbound SMP crew and we are using The Dark Trilogy modpack.