Christmas Tree Setup! – Voidbound – Ep 41

Christmas is right around the corner – so it is time to get us a tree set up on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server.  We get this done as well as work some on our house and do a little Wither fighting with some friends.  Have feedback? Make sure you let me know in the comments!

Gravel Hunt – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 197

I am working on extending the dirt border around our new building area and to do that I am going to need gravel to make coarse dirt.  So what are we doing in Minecraft today? We spend the entire episode hunting for nothing but GRAVEL! How much gravel can we get in 20 minutes? It is harder than you think.

Horse Stable Interior Building – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 196

Our horse stable is complete but empty. Today, we will flesh out the details of the interior of this building in Minecraft.  We need to add some regular horse stable-like things such as hay bales, water bucket, work station and more.  Let me know if you like the design and building in the comments!

Stupid Water Physics – Voidbound – Ep 39

Landscaping is what we are all about on today’s Minecraft episode from the SMP Voidbound server.  Some people have wandered away from spawn so I thought this would be a good time to do a little ‘bit of beautification around my area of the map.  We make us a man made lake and cover some of the ugly spots with dirt too.  Have feedback? Leave a comment!

Simple Horse Stable – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 195

Our horse needs a home! Today, we start building a stable for our new friend we found at the village next door.  The hole’s horse stable will look a little rough but I think it has a good basic design.  Make sure you check it our and give me your thoughts in the comments!

Holiday Hooligans! – Voidbound – Ep 37

Our merry band of men (and woman) are back at it again, hanging out and cleaning up the Halloween decorations.  Join myself, Fish, DandH and Gryphon as we get the spawn town cleaned up and also give ShyGuySquid a little present. 

Tent City – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 193

We are doing more work on our mining operation in our single player Minecraft world.  We build up a little tent city (where the miners would stay) and figure out some path and road placement too.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know in the comments!