Look at Me! – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 223

We take a look back at the mines I have been working on (design-wise) and then finish up the bunny killing device.  After tweaking this, that and the other I think this is a Minecraft building that I am happy with. Sometimes redesigns can be fun!

Feed the Beast SMP: Automatic Job Assigner – Void FTB – Ep 6

From day one on the Feed the Beast Infinity server we decided we were going to assign jobs to everybody and let them swap them out for new ones each week.  Well, it has been a couple of months but I finally got this system up and running.  Check out the new Job Center I built and the way I am allowing people to exchange jobs on the Voidbound FTB server.

FTB Regrowth: Hardcore Questing Mods are HARD! – Ep 2

Hardcore questing is a lot harder than you would think it is.  Welcome back to Regrowth – where our goal is to return this Minecraft world back to it’s former beautiful self.  We continue to learn about the world in today’s episode and tackle a few more of the quests we need to achieve.

Bunny Killer Redesign – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 223

Our Minecraft journey brings us back to the fishing village I built months ago to do a ‘bit of a redesign in Minecraft of our rabbit killing device.  I was never really happy with how the building turned out so I try my hands at tearing it down and building it again.

Feed the Beast SMP: DOOR! DOOR! DOOR! – Void FTB – Ep 5

Time to take a break from the HarvestCraft farm and try something a little different.  I have run into a few things that I need emeralds to build – so what is a Minecrafter to do? I hunt down some villagers so that I can trade with them using the old Minecraft 1.7 villager mechanics.  Maybe I’ll be successful or maybe I’ll just drive myself insane with all the door noises.

FTB Regrowth: I am Captain Planet! – Ep 1

The world of Regrowth is a strange one.  The world you live in has been ravaged by something or another and it is up to you to regrow all the living things – step by step.  I wanted to give this Feed the Beast mod pack a shot due to the fact it includes Hardcore Questing (which is something I have never done before on this channel) and I thought that would be something unique to try.  Let me know if you want to see more!

Minecraft SMP: Mystery Tour w/DandHGamer – Voidbound – Ep 67

Voidbound is going to be super creepy today as we take the mystery Minecraft tour with DandHGamer! He has combed the Voidbound SMP world for some of the biggest mysteries and oddities to show me and you get to come along for the ride.  Let me know what you think of this tall tales of the Minecraft server in the comments!

Feed the Beast SMP: 3 Ring Circus Farm – Void FTB – Ep 4

We have planted all the things we found from the Pam’s HarvestCraft mod so now it is time to finish up some of the work around the farm so that we can move on to other projects!  I show off some of the work I have been doing in the past week and ask for your ideas on some of the Feed the Beast goodies you’d like for me to check out.