More House Planning

Now that we have one house down and a basic idea of what we want to build around this lake – it is time to start building some more.  I am really excited about this little area and I hope you are too!

Trying Some MORE Minecraft Party! Ep 2

Want to join me in playing some more Minecraft Party?  This server is a lot of fun to play on. The mini games are fun to play and can be a nice break from some of the other servers you find out there.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

New Multiplayer Adventures! – Voidbound – Ep 1

It is time, it is time to join another SMP server. Today we start off a new survival multiplayer world with some new friends (that you too can follow on YouTube). Really excited to see where this series goes in the future – so be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the first episode!

My New Favorite House!

Going to get a little more work done on our new tiny house in Minecraft. This is honestly one of my new favorite builds. Everything is simple, small and cute.  Have any other ideas for things I could build? Let me know your feedback in the comments!

How to Build a Gold Ore

Trying my hands at something a little more simple for today’s Minecraft building challenge.  Today we build a gold ore block.  You might think it is simple but it is a little harder than you might think in a 5 by 5 space!

How to Build an Outhouse

Need to build an outhouse? I have a design you can use! On today’s Minecraft 5×5 building challenge, we try our hands at building an updated version of the outhouse I built on the old MindCrack Fan Server.  Give me your thoughts and let me know if you have a challenge of your own for me to try!

New Home on the Range

We set out away from the castle today to start building a new project in a new area. So, what will this new project be? I haven’t yet figured it out – but we get a cool little starter house up and running until we figure it out.