Fisherman’s Hangout – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 188

Our blaze farm is complete so now it is time to finish another project.  Our Minecraft goal for today is to decorate around our AFK fishing farm that we build inside of the castle.  We get our villager whom buys fish moved in too so we can make even more emeralds.  Hope you enjoy!

Mitch’s Maze! – Voidbound – Ep 31

Today we finish the hedge maze we have been working on for the past few weeks on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server.  We put in a few more details, add some more design and also add a way to get out of the maze once you have made it to the goal.  This has been a really fun mini game to plan out.

Hedgeception! – Voidbound – Ep 30

Our building on the Minecraft maze continues on the Voidbound SMP server.  We lay out a ‘bit more of the maze and try a few different ways to decorate the outside.  Hope you enjoy and remember to go share this video with a friend or two!

Starting the Hedge Maze – Voidbound – Ep 29

I wanted to create something fun for the other people on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server, so what is more fun than a maze? Watch me go through trials and tribulations of trying to get this project stared and if you have any ideas for it be sure to let me know.

New Spawn Road – Voidbound – Ep 27

Time to expand the spawn town on Voidbound.  Today, in Minecraft, I’ll grab my road building supplies and expand the spawn town road on our SMP Minecraft world.  Why? I have another project in mind that you should be seeing more of soon.  Got to love the cliffhangers!