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Night Fighting

Ready to do a little night fighting with Mitch? Thought I would change things up a ‘bit and wander out into the desert. I’ll discuss a little ‘bit about joining the MindCrack Fan Server and a few random ramblings going on through my head – question is, will I last the entire night without kicking the crafted bucket?

Zombie Attack

I am back to playing Minecraft again – now that some of the holiday and first of the year worries are over with. Where are we going in the game today? Well, we are going to run across our first dungeon in yet another underground ravine.

Zombie Apocalypse Awareness

ZombiesNeed to know what to do just in case the dead start to rise from the grave?  Thankfully, the CDC has finally gotten with the times to provide us all with information on how to handle a zombie invasion.  Personally, I’m always ready just in case – but for normal people, well lets just say I feel a little better that the rest of the world will now be as prepared as I am.

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