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JournalCrunch Theme for WordPress

Premium WordPress ThemeGreat WordPress themes are often hard to find – so that is why I have decided to start doing a little looking for you, because it is one of the inquires I get submitted to me the most.  If you are looking for a great free theme I would highly suggest JournalCrunch. This theme, developed as a free download from Site5, has to be one of the best free premium themes I have had the chance to play with.

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What is Joomla?

Joomla Review

No Joomla is not a board game, and I can promise you it has nothing to do with Robin Williams.  Joomla is, in fact, one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) out there today.  If you need a website backend that can do a little ‘bit of everything, then Joomla is the script you are looking for.

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Biruality Theme for WordPress

What is black and blue and great all over?  This WordPress theme I found over at Clickfire.  It has been a while since I went looking for WordPress themes, however this one stuck out to me because it is both unique and simple at the same time. 

Those are two traits I love to look for in web site or template design.


Biruality, which actually means “blue” (first thought was it was some sort of Mortal Kombat finisher) is a lightweight WordPress template with support for 2 columns, widgets, has a fixed width, and is SEO friendly.  Clean, simple and well worth your time – go download Biruality at Clickfire.com.

A Better WordPress Admin Layout?

There is a new poll, put out there by the WordPress team, seeing if you would like to change up the WordPress admin interface any. 

It seems like they would like to move all of the stuff currently across the top to the side, creating more room for you to view your pages inside of the WordPress admin space, without scrolling up and down.  I like the idea, but I want to do it now – not later.  If you find yourself seeking the same type of WordPress admin interface, give the Fluency Admin plugin for WordPress a shot.


As you can see, the menus are rearranged, main menus down left, sub menus across the top.  If you are using WordPress 2.6 and up, then you should not have any issues getting going with this awesome plugin.  I added this to one of my smaller sites the other day, and love it.  I might have to be adding it to others later on. 

Make Gmail Style Change to Super Clean

Tired of the way Gmail looks?  You can give it a new super clean redesign, if you have Firefox and Greasemonkey installed. 


As you can see, this changes the way Gmail looks from top to bottom.  I like the lighter colors and the more “clean” interface myself.  You can pick up the user script for it here:


Also, be sure to stay tuned on the Super Clean Gmail blog, so you get the latest updates on how the project is going, and when it has been updated:


Is it about time Google did a refresh of Gmail themselves?  I think so…

New Web Hosting Show Theme Suggestions?

images I have been looking for a new theme to use for my podcast, the Web Hosting Show.   I have been using the same awesome theme (which I still have much love for) but after so many years, I am getting the itch to try something new.  Really want something with a little less techno beat and something more “rock” related.  Think I have narrowed it down to these two choices:

Which one do you like more?  Found them both at PremiumBeat.com, which I am really looking forward to seeing how well working with them will be.  Thus far, for the budget podcaster – they seem to have the cheapest deals for royalty free music.

Mitchelaneous Updates (New Theme!)

Changed Mitchelaneous.com a ‘bit. You like? Still not done yet with all of the editing I would like to do – but I’d like to take a few hours off from working on it to get some feedback if you have any.

Mitchelaneous.com Screenshot

Also if there is anything you would like to see where that isn’t here already – leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be taking in all the feedback shortly and hopefully once all is said and done will have a finished product that all will enjoy.

For a Darker WordPress Theme

As somebody who likes the unique and different stuff out there on the Web, when I see a nice looking WordPress theme I can’t help myself – I have to go “ohh” and “ahh” with the rest of them. One nice theme that you could get giddy over for hours and hours is The Dark Theme.

Dark Theme for WordPress

It has a classy look, yet still has that new Web 2.0ish feeling to it. I like it.

+ Download The Dark Theme for WordPress!

New Podcast Web Site Layout and Design

Well with all of this talk about the Web Hosting Show about to begin it’s third year of bringing audio content to the Web hosting industry – I figured it was about time to give the Web Hosting Show’s Web site a new look and theme.

Yes, we are saying goodbye to year two and hello to year three with an entire new design on WebHostingShow.com.

If you still see a few new things creeping up, don’t mind me – I am just putting the finishing touches on the layout. I do have to say though that this one is so far my favorite of all the “looks” the Web Hosting Show has had.

New WebHostingShow.com

So let me know what you think, and if there is anything you would like to see added – please be my guest and suggest. This Web site is as much yours as it is mine, so if you want to see something here please let me know.

Opinions, suggestions, ideas and complaints are always welcome.