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10 Wonderful Web Site Widget Resources

Best Web Site Widgets

There are many services out there that offer widgets you can embed into your own web site layouts.  How do you know which ones are the best?  Well, I am not an expert. Since this is the Internet though, I can pretend.

Here are my top 10 favorite widget related web sites.

Widgetbox – Tons of free widgets to put on your site.

LinkWithin – Post related stories and thumbnails on your web site.

ShoutMix – Free shoutbox/tagboard chat widget.

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Your Twitter Shoutbox

Jotable Shoutbox in Action I always like looking at ways to add new user functionality to any web site out there, and Jotabl does provide that. How so?  By the power of Twitter (not to be confused with the power of Greyskull) it gives you a free embeddable shoutbox for your web site.

Once the shoutbox is added to your site, messages can be posted in it two different ways.  Your users can include the URL to the shoutbox in their tweet, and Jotabl will pick this up and place it in your shoutbox.  Users can also leave a message by signing into the box via Twitter, with the option to have the message tweeted for them.

You also can remove message and block certain Twitter users if they get too crazy with the shoutbox postings.  Now Jotabl doesn’t re-invent the Web, however it does provide a neat feedback interface for your users.  Give it a shot shout at jotable.com.

Put Plurk in Your Firefox Sidebar

plurk-in-sidebar As  I mentioned yesterday, Plurk is quickly becoming my favorite miro-blogging/status provider out there.  It is unique, creative and doesn’t go down every few hours (hear that Twitter?).  How would you like to be able to keep up with your plurking in your Firefox sidebar?  Here is how you can get it done.

Visit this handy Plurk URL here:


Bookmark it (or drag and drop it onto your links bar).  Then right-click it, and select “Properties”.  From here, check the box next to “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”, then save your changes and you are done.

Now you have instant Plurk access no matter what web page you might be on.

Need a friend on Plurk? Feel free to add me! I feel like you all are nearly family anyways!

Update – Thanks to TwisterMC you can get a Firefox add-on that does the same thing, with a few other extra perks.

Open Google Notebook in Firefox Sidebar

I like using Google’s Notebook feature but the extension they give you is a little lacking. I think it is too small and doesn’t allow me to open and shut it very quickly. What’s the solution? Well I took the Google personalized homepage widget for Google Notebook and added it to the sidebar of Firefox.

Google Notebook in Firefox Sidebar
This is much like the “Add Google Talk to the Firefox Sidebar” trick that was so popular a few weeks back.

  1. Create a new bookmark (right-click and select “Bookmark this link…”) for this address:


  2. Right-click on that bookmark and select “Properties”.
  3. Check the box that says, “Load this bookmark in sidebar” and you are good to go! It isn’t exactly rocket science so everybody should be able to enjoy this one.

Now you have a full note taking application to work with in your sidebar and it beats that tiny default extension Google provides you any day of the week.

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