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Minecraft UHC: Ravine o’ Plenty! (Voidbound UHC) Episode 2

Ultra Hardcore is back and ready to go into round two! Will Paige and myself survive past the second episode?  The Voidbound UHC is a battle to the death for four teams.  The last team standing is the winner of this awesome Minecraft event.  Make sure you leave a like, a comment and check out some other perspectives.

Zombie Attack

I am back to playing Minecraft again – now that some of the holiday and first of the year worries are over with. Where are we going in the game today? Well, we are going to run across our first dungeon in yet another underground ravine.

Skeleton’s Ravine (Part 2)

TIme to take a trip back to the Skeleton’s Ravine to see what other goodies we can find, tucked away in the walls.  There should be a lot of resources (hopefully more than a few diamonds) and some scary stuff too.  Check out the video and let me know what you think I should do next.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube – I am really close to reaching my next goal, which is having 100 channel subscribers.

Skeleton’s Ravine (Part 1)

On today’s episode of Mitchcraft, we are going to take a trip down the second (and much more scary) ravine we’ve run across to see what type of goodies it has in store for us.  Will we find diamonds or skeletons? Time to do a little adventuring.  Remember, to show your support and let me know you want to see more episodes – be sure to subscribe to my channel over on YouTube and leave me a few comments on what you think, what you like or what you want to see more of. 

Minecraft Spiders in my Face

Headed back into the ravine, but found a not so welcome surprise at the end.  Poisonous spiders in Minecraft are no fun – especially when they end up right in your face. Of course, this probably does make for some entertaining video, so maybe those “baby” spiders are not so bad after all? 

Hole in the Wall

Welcome back to another episode of Mitchcraft! In this second episode for the series, I am going to take a look around the ravine and abandoned mine that I found while digging around before the first episode.  We will see what we can scout out together and make some plans. Please be sure to comment, like and subscribe so I know you are out there.  I’d also love to hear any feedback or suggestions you think I could do to make things better too.