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Google Plus Formatting Shortcuts

Google Plus Formatting HelpGoogle Plus offers you a few helpful shortcuts when it comes to formatting the posts.  You can change the formatting to bold, italics or strikethrough with just a few simple keystrokes.  Go ahead and try these out on your next Google Plus post!  Just make sure you don’t go overboard!

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Best of Mitchelaneous (2009 Edition)

Popular Posts in 2009!

It is that time of the year where every news source out there gets so lax in creating content, they can only muster up the strength to put together a year in review for this, that or the other.  Never to be one to disappoint, I thought now would be the perfect time to join the masses and share with you your favorite things I have posted.

Here are the ten most popular stories, tips, articles and tutorials I published in 2009 on Mitchelaneous.com.

#10Instant Drama Sound Effect

My new favorite web site, when you need that instant sound effect action is DramaButton.com.  Once pushed, you get that duh duh DUHHHH that has always been a favorite for the old dramatic moments on your favorite old TV shows and movies.

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Best of December 2008

Wow, so this is the last best of post for 2008!  It was one heck of a good year here at Mitchelaneous – where we saw both subscriber and visitor numbers grow by leaps and bounds.  Here is a look back at the best December 2008 had to offer via your number one stop for geek candy, Mitchelaneous.com.

Hope you all have a great new year, and 2009 brings you all the good things you, want, need and love.  I’ll keep doing my thing here, day after day – doing my best to deliver you the best random geek candy from around the Web.

Also, be sure to check out the best web hosting podcasts of 2008 too!  Great list of great shows!

Top 10 Mitchelaneous Posts from September 2008


What was the best of the best on Mitchelaneous.com in the past month?

Mega Man 9 Robot Masters Plus as an extra bonus, don’t forget to pick up the Mega Man 9 villain pack of all the bosses from the latest blue bomber adventure:

Did I miss a post you liked?  What else would you like to see me cover?

Quickly Give Your Blog 5 Star Ratings

Outbrain - article ranking via stars! Outbrain is delivering a unique service.  If you hadn’t noticed, I added it to this blog here to test things out.  They are delivering a 5 star rating system that anybody can use on their blogs.  The idea behind it is if you liked something, you will give it a ranking from one to five stars.  Here is a little more about their idea behind the project:

We all love how Netflix recommends movies and how Amazon gives us great recommendations for books we would enjoy reading right? Here at outbrain we are doing the same for blog and news content on the web. Information overload is real and growing as the amount of content on the web grows exponentially. We are committed to helping readers of blogs and news sites find the best content that is most relevant to them on a personal basis.

Once you get a few people ranking your work, then they can also be delivered other popular articles that others have enjoyed.  To see that in action, check out Yaron’s blog.  Thus far, I haven’t seen many people come in and rank older works on here just yet but I’ll test it out a ‘bit longer just to make sure.  It is an interesting idea but it is difficult to make any reader feel or think they could or should do something extra.  It is a neat idea and I wish Outbrain the best of luck.

Popular Posts via Google Analytics

Find Your Popular PagesHow does one pull up the most popular links on their web site or blog using Google Analytics?

This one took me a little while to figure out, but finally found the right way and the quickest steps on how to get this done. I love Google Analytics more so than some of the other web site statistic scripts out there.

Many people get it installed and don’t know what to do next. This should be a good stepping stone in how to familiarize yourself with it.

First, login to Google Analytics, and click on the web site in question’s profile. You just need to click “View Reports” next to the domain you wish to find the popular links for. Next, scroll down the page till you find where it says Content Overview. This shows your pages from most popular to least popular.

Here you only see five, but there is a little “view report” link in this box too. Click it. You can also get to the same place by navigating in your left sidebar to Content and then click on Overview. Here is, well an overview of all your content settings. Now on the left side of the page, under “Overview” click where it says “Top Content”.


Here you have it, your most popular or top content on your web site. By default it should show you the top ten, but you can bump that number up around the bottom of the chart where is says “Show rows:”. To change the date range that you are pulling the content from, be sure to edit the time line you see at the top of the web page.


So there you have the best way to pull up your most popular content on your web site via Google Analytics. If you have any other how to questions with this great tool, send ’em my way and maybe I can turn this into a series of helpful posts.

Feed Suggestions from P to S

Time to hit up my feed subscription list to find some more goodies for you to enjoy. Today we are going to cover my subscriptions from P to S.

PimpMyDesk.org – One of my side hobbies (I guess that is what you could call it) is looking at and using some interesting an alternative wallapapers and icons out there to change up my computer’s look and feel.

Worthy Example Post? SnowRemixo -Wallpaper pack

ProBlogger.net – Another entry into the “duh!” list of feeds, I don’t know any writer (blogger or not) that couldn’t get something from reading ProBlogger.net. Definitely a daily read and highlight of my day for sure.

Worthy Example Post? How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs

Service Untitled – When it comes to customer relations, nobody knows better than Douglas Hanna. Ever since having him on my podcast back on episode 107 I have been reading his blog religiously.

Worthy Example Post? DreamHost Fiasco

Soft Tech Reviews – Another tech/news blog, Soft Tech Reviews is one that I stumbled upon by accident via somebody leaving a comment here. The content was captivating, the writing was superb so it made it’s way to my feed subscription list.

Worthy Example Post? Create Your Own Wallpaper

Only one more left – next week I’ll be doing T to Z then my feed suggestion series will be complete. I hope you have all enjoyed my suggestions and if you have any others to give please feel free to drop in a comment and let me know.

Checkout the Entire Feed Suggestion Series!

What Was Popular Last Month?

It is always interesting to see what posts make the popular list and which ones do not. For obvious reasons, my post on Candice Michelle wallpaper is a traffic grabber for obvious reasons.

Here are some of my most popular posts for the last month or so.

As you can see it is all over the board. Popularity can be a funny thing sometimes.

Popular Links List

Popular Posts on MitchelaneousWant to see some of the most popular stuff that I have written? Sure you do! Thanks to a few WordPress plugins and hacking around, I have created a most popular list of posts and articles I’ve had here on Mitchelaneous.com.

You can check out the full list of popular posts by visiting /popular. I have to say it is interesting to say the least. Something I thought would be more popular are not – and something I had no clue would be popular are.

Just goes to show you the crap shoot the blogging really is. Check out the list and enjoy!

2 Years of the Lockergnome

gnomedaily.gifWell today marks my two year anniversary of writing for Lockergnome.com. It is hard to belive that much time has passed by, and I have to say it has been a fun ride. Of course, many thanks go out to Chris and Ponzi for keeping me under the Lockergnome wing.

Thanks to Matt for keeping me in mind as far as his other projects go. Thanks to Bob for keeping me edited (what else would you expect an editor to do?). If you haven’t gotten the message yet, I’d just like thank everybody at Lockergnome.

Two years later and I am still as excited as I was the first day.