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Give Me Your Hosting Questions

imageHave questions about web hosting, and need some help?  On the Web Hosting Show’s web site, I have setup a form you can use to submit your questions and get your web site mentioned on my podcast.

All you need to do is visit the Submit a Question page, fill the form out, and then tune in to the Web Hosting Show each time a new show is released and your question will be answered and your web site will be plugged!

What can you ask about? I’ll answer anything that is even remotely related to web hosting.  Maybe you could ask about search engine optimization techniques?  Perhaps you need to know how to install WordPress?  You might even want my recipe for poor man’s pigs in a blanket (white bread and Vienna sausages).  Give me your questions, and I will give you the answers.

Since I have both podcast #190 and podcast #200 coming up this month, I would really like to have a slew of questions to go through, so I can help each and every one of you.

The Rise and Fall of Geocities

Where did Geocities go wrong?

Over on the Web Hosting Show, I have been talking all week long about our good ‘ol departed friend, Geocities.  After looking back at what went wrong, and what was or was not done, one thing can be said for certain.  The main reason Geocities fell is because they failed to innovate. 

If you too want to follow the rise and fall of this free hosting giant, check out these articles and be sure to download the accompanying podcast too.

A Lesson in Geocities History

You might have heard of Geocities in passing, however if you are new to the Web, or the way things once were – all this concern about a free hosting service might be a little confusing.  So I figured, what better way to pay tribute to the web host that once was, than to give you a history lesson in Geocities.

Saving Geocities for Future Generations

In an effort to save the content that was on Geocities, a group calling themselves the Archive Team is working hard to save the Web that way it once was.  Time to pack away the animated gifs, blinking text, and web rings into their own individual boxes, so that someday we can look back what was once considered, “cool” in web site design.

Alternatives to Geocities Hosting

With the word that Geocities would be closing, “sometime in 2009” many of the Geocities users are looking for other places to host their content.  Even though Geocities is closing the door on it’s free hosting, there are still many free hosting alternatives to Geocities.

Why Did Geocities Fail?

The reasons as to why Yahoo! dropped the ball with Geocities will be a great debate over the next year or so.  However, I feel the main reason Geocities ended up fading off into the sunset is that Yahoo failed to evolve the product into what people needed.

For more web hosting podcasts, interviews, tips and more be sure to check out WebHostingShow.com.  It is tons of fun!

Merry Christmas from Mitchelaneous

Santa Love the Web Hosting ShowChristmas has even made it’s way over to Mitchelaneous.com – and who would have guessed I’d pass up the chance to call it Mitch-mas.   😀

For all of you I have two very special presents – a couple of my other side projects you may or may not know that much about.  I wanted to take a minute or two of your time so that you could check them out, and if you like them as much as you like Mitchelaneous – feel free to subscribe there too.  Merry Christmas!

The Web Hosting Show

The Web Hosting Show is my weekly podcast on and about the wacky world of web hosting.  From news, to help and even some shopping tips – I like to help people get the most out of their hosting accounts – while having a little fun along the way.

My Favorite Web Hosting Show Posts of the Year:

You can subscribe to WebHostingShow.com for free by plugging the RSS feed into your favorite news reader of choice.  Here are a few subscription buttons to help you in that process:

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Firefox Facts

Firefox Facts is my daily blog about all things relating to Firefox.  It started out as an e-book project, but has expanded by leaps and bounds since then.  Find reviews for useful extensions, great looking Firefox themes and a whole lot more.  I even toss in an occasional roundup of the best tools for this, that and the other.  If you use Firefox, you need to subscribe.

My Favorite Firefox Facts Posts of the Year:

You can subscribe to FirefoxFacts.com for free by plugging the RSS feed into your favorite news reader of choice.  Here are a few subscription buttons to help you in that process:

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Thanks to all my visitors and free RSS feed subscribers for keeping this rambling side project of mine fun to do.  This November was the 5 year anniversary of Mitchelaneous.com, and hopefully we will have many more years to come.

New Web Hosting Show Theme Suggestions?

images I have been looking for a new theme to use for my podcast, the Web Hosting Show.   I have been using the same awesome theme (which I still have much love for) but after so many years, I am getting the itch to try something new.  Really want something with a little less techno beat and something more “rock” related.  Think I have narrowed it down to these two choices:

Which one do you like more?  Found them both at PremiumBeat.com, which I am really looking forward to seeing how well working with them will be.  Thus far, for the budget podcaster – they seem to have the cheapest deals for royalty free music.

Association of Internet and Hosting Service Providers

The Web Hosting Show The Web Hosting Show was great this week.  I got a one on one interview with Paul Hirsch of the AIHSP (the Association of Internet and Hosting Service Providers) explaining this new web hosting group, what they hope to do and how you too can join up.  Check out the podcast for the entire interview:  What is the AIHSP? – Episode 162 of the Web Hosting Show!

Here are some of the questions I asked Paul about the alliance:

  • Where did the idea of staring up AIHSP begin?
  • After looking over a lot of the goals the AIHSP has set, a lot of them seem to be aimed to benefit employees. What about contracted workers, who often not given the same rights as an employee?
  • I have one major concern, what happens to the little web hosts? 
  • What can people and businesses do if they want to get involved?

To learn more about what the AIHSP wishes to do, the best place to check out first (after you listen to the podcast, of course) is the AIHSP Goals page.  If you want to learn more about this exciting group or get involved yourself, check out aihsp.org.

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Hosting Podcast Tease for Episode 158

Loads of hosting fun from this week’s past show. Did you check it out?
If not here are just a few topics from this week’s episode of the Web Hosting Show.

  • HostingCon Sold Off to iNet Interactive? – iNET Interactive, those darlings of the web hosting world who brought us such things as webhostingtalk.com, hostvoice.com, and hostingtech.com have acquired the HostingCon conference.
  • Interesting Tool to See if Your Site is Up or Down! – Previously I told you about an awesome web site status tool that could help you tell if your web site was up or not.  Down for everyone or just me looks to have become a real success.  I have one better though, thanks to a suggestion from a Web Hosting Show listener named John.
  • The Mess That Was .ME Domain Name Registrations? – You may have caught wind of some of the .me buzz last week, as GoDaddy started taking registrations for them for $20 a year (and you have to sign up for two years, so that should really be $40)… If eight people say they registered it, that will leave seven people really unhappy about the whole ordeal.
  • The Simplest FTP Program Ever!?! – I often hear complaints from people that FTP programs are too hard to use.  There are too many options, too many buttons and too many configurations you have to learn about.  For those people out there looking for a  simpler FTP program I offer to you DropUpLoad.

Interested?  Then go download and listen to the Web Hosting Show, episode 158! Also be sure to grab the RSS feed, and pick it up on iTunes too.

Quick Podcast Survey for YOU!

We will be short on a podcast this week due to the 4th of July weekend madness that has passed us by, but between your cleanup of fireworks and dumping out the barbequed leftovers please take a minute to take this short 6 question survey about the Web Hosting Show

Any and all feedback is appreciated and you know I am all about making you all happy so if there is something you like, hate or would love to hear about let me know. 

Take the Web Hosting Show Podcast Survey!

If you have ever wanted to share your opinion to me about what I do this would be the time to do it.  Also happy post 4th of July to all of you and thanks in advance!

WHS Podcast Back After 2 Weeks of Delays

Well, I had a melted power supply, a wisdom tooth pulled and a weekend filled with no power in the past two weeks but I am happy to say all that is behind me now and the Web Hosting Show podcast is back in production and episode 154 is ready for download.

Here are just a few topics from this week’s episode of the Web Hosting Show.

  • What is Your IP and Why Do You Need It?
  • Don’t Backup My Documents on Your Hosting Account!
  • Checking Web Popularity with URLmetrix?
  • Gawkwire, a new Internet and Hosting News Site Launches!

Podcast Exclusive – Part 2 of Our “How to Purchase a Web Hosting Business” Series with Web Strategist Errett Cord. Download the podcast to check it out!

+ Go Listen to the Web Hoting Show, Podcast 154!