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Modern Music Player

Clemintine Music PlayerThere are not a lot of choices when it comes to finding a great music player out there.  Clementine is the best modern music player and library organizer that I bet you’ve never heard of.  The focus of Clemintine is to be a fast and easy to use program for playing your collection of music.

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Wunderlist To-Do List Management

To Do List Manager

Looking for a minimalistic way to keep track of what you need to get done? Wunderlist is a great application for the job.  I have tried many of the to-do list mangers out there and Wunderlist is by far the best looking, and possibly one of the most functional I have used.

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Google Reader Notifications for Windows, Mac and Linux!

I got an e-mail the other day from somebody wanting to know if I knew of any programs for Windows that would allow a user to get popup notifications when Google Reader was updated.

Want to keep up to date whenever your Google Reader has fresh new content to read through?  There are several browser plugins that will do this, but not many for the operating system itself.  I have three solutions though to cover all of the operating system bases:

Google Reader Help

Now you should have no problems at all keeping up with my RSS feed.  Feel free to subscribe and pass it around to others. 

Create Your Own Super Mario Tune!

ss1This is one of those programs you just happen to stumble upon but you know you have to at least give it a shot.  Mario Paint Composer allows you to create your own Nintendo inspired tune using the old SNES Mario Paint-ish layout.  Even if you don’t have a musical skill in your entire body, it is fun just to drag and drop things onto the board and then hit play.

It is both Mac and Windows friendly too.  Just download, unzip and you’ll be off on your own music creating adventure.  Here is an example video I found via the ‘ol YouTube:

Give Google Reader an Mac Look

There have not been that many scripts out there for changing Google Reader’s look and feeling. The only real good one that I have found to do so is this Greasemonkey script. As far as style goes, it turns your sister’s ugly friend into a super model.

Google Reader - Apple Style

You’ll need Firefox and an install of the Greasemonkey extension to get it going, but for all the Mac OS X Fans out there – this is for you.

+ Download and Install the Google Reader Prettifier!

Swift – More Browsing Fun?

swift.pngWell, it looks like there is another browser getting ready to pounce on the compeditors in the war for your surfing attention. Swift is a Web browser for Windows based on the Apple WebKit rendering engine. From somebody who has never even used and Apple (I’d rather eat them) here are my thoughts.

Well first things first, it didn’t stay running long. After going to about two or three Web sites, it just died on me. That isn’t so cool. The inteface needs some work, but I am sure a polished look will come in time. One more thing that really gets me is there is no right-click menu! This might be some sort of Apple thing, but if you are going to have a program on Windows, I need my right-click menu.

Overall, I think in the future it might be great – but this release shouldn’t be people’s first impressions of it. They should have held off a little while longer till they got it at least fully usable. Download it for yourself, and let me know what you think!