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Item Elevator – Mitch Plays Minecraft – Ep 213

Time to add an item elevator to our mines.  With this simple item elevator installed, we can easily transport ores, dirt and other blocks back up to the surface so we can get it all organized. Follow along with my frustration as I figure out how item elevators work and get it up and running.

Floors and Guts

Our little lake village is expanding in Minecraft. I have done a little more tweaking here and there to the landscape and I also got a little more building done off camera that I am anxious to show to all of you.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

YouTube Tutorials?

Want YouTube Tutorials?

For those of you who check the website each day, I would love to hear your feedback on this.  I am thinking that on days when I do not post videos here I could start a tutorial series for different aspects on YouTube?  This could cover things like how to add thumbnails, tips for annotations or anything else you might be curious about.  What do you think?

Creeper Tunnel

Taking a break from the Testificate town to work on making my Nether area a little more beautiful.  What is the building project for today? We are going to make a Creeper-faced tunnel with lava, stone bricks and all the trimmings! Hope you like the design!

Talking YouTube Success with VintageBeef

VintageBeef on YouTube

As I have learned, producing popular content on YouTube that people want to watch is no easy task.  It takes a lot of planning, a lot of hard work and maybe even just some luck.  To learn more, I thought I would turn to one of my personal favorite YouTube “Let’s Play” content producers out there, VintageBeef.  With over 64,000 subscribers, VintageBeef has been able to build a popular brand that people really seem to enjoy.

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How to Get VirtualBox Up and Running

Yesterday I showed you how to get a virtual machine setup from within your current operating system using Sun VirtualBox.  Now, if you have not skipped ahead of me in the process I am ready to share with you step number two.  Now that our virtual machine is ready, it needs an operating system.  Today, we will go through each step you need to take to get an operating system installed on your new virtual machine setup.

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Fast Piston Elevator in Minecraft

I recently went through a lot of video tutorials trying to find an easy, yet fast, piston elevator I could build for my Mitchcraft let’s play series.  After going through several, I finally decided to go with the one TheRoyalWalrus built.  So, if you are looking to do the same – here is a great tutorial to get you going.

Hope that helps!  Remember to keep an eye out for the new elevator in some of my yet to be uploaded episodes of Mitchcraft too.

Pen Zen – Distraction Free Writing

Simple Writing with Pen ZenNeed a place to write that is is clean, simple and free of distractions? You might give Pen Zen a shot.  From the creators of pen.io, this interesting website service provides you with a clean slate to write at and well, not much else.  When you are focusing on delivering a really simple place to write though, what else do you need?

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Analysis of StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Advertising ReviewA few weeks ago, I played around some with advertising blog posts via StumbleUpon.  There is no doubt that StumbleUpon traffic can really play a big part in getting your idea, brand or articles out there in the wild – however I am not fully convinced the StumbleUpon ad platform might be great for everybody.

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Minecraft 101 with Coe’s Quest

Coe's QuestI have been playing a lot of Minecraft lately.  It is an awesome little game, that can be very addictive if you are into the idea of surviving in a world all by yourself and building this, that and the other just because you can.  However, jumping into Minecraft with no guide at all might be a little intimidating to some.  Thankfully though I have found a great tutorial series by a man named Coe that will help guide you through the world of Minecraft.

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