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Remove Extra Feeds in WordPress

WordPress TipHow can you remove the extra RSS feeds that are displayed in your WordPress blog, in the address bar of most modern browsers?  On my website, I only want to show my one RSS feed for people to subscribe to.  I don’t want to display the comment feed or the separate feed for a category.  For me, showing too many RSS feeds is confusing to a novice user.  So here is how you can turn off the extra feeds (such as category feeds) in WordPress.

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Extra Thick Windows Menu Bar Trick

Mitch's Menu Bar in Windows Vista

Want a more productive menu bar in Windows?

For the past few months now, I’ve gone with the extra thick menu bar at the bottom of my computer.  Since my screen size is so big now (1920×1200), I figured I could spare the extra space.  Here is how I created mine, just in case you might want to try the same.

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Get Download Link for YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

There are a few videos on YouTube I wouldn’t mind saving to watch later – take this one for example. Come on, I know you could all watch my Web hosting stress relief video all day long. Why go get a new extension to do a job I can do myself with a simple Greasemonkey user script? This is all you need to do – pick up the YouTube Video Download script at userscripts.org for Greasemonkey.

After doing so – you get a pretty little download icon as you see in the image above where you can download any video from the Web site. You’ll get it as an .flv file. Then you can play it in that format using a player like VLC Media Player or convert it to something else.

Open Google Notebook in Firefox Sidebar

I like using Google’s Notebook feature but the extension they give you is a little lacking. I think it is too small and doesn’t allow me to open and shut it very quickly. What’s the solution? Well I took the Google personalized homepage widget for Google Notebook and added it to the sidebar of Firefox.

Google Notebook in Firefox Sidebar
This is much like the “Add Google Talk to the Firefox Sidebar” trick that was so popular a few weeks back.

  1. Create a new bookmark (right-click and select “Bookmark this link…”) for this address:


  2. Right-click on that bookmark and select “Properties”.
  3. Check the box that says, “Load this bookmark in sidebar” and you are good to go! It isn’t exactly rocket science so everybody should be able to enjoy this one.

Now you have a full note taking application to work with in your sidebar and it beats that tiny default extension Google provides you any day of the week.

Don’t miss out on any more geek candy!

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Changing Visual Styles in Windows XP

A couple of times in the past I have posted about visual styles I have found on the Web that I like.

Every time that I do I get an E-mail from somebody or a comment asking how I can do it. By default, the Microsoft peeps usually don’t like for you to install “unsigned” themes. That is the reason why you have been either stuck in the Windows 2000 interface or the Fisher Price “Luna” theme.

Well, while doing some random surfing on the Web during my holiday break I happened to run across a nice guide on how to use visual styles that puts it in a way that I never could. Check it out – and then check out some of my visual style suggestions to get yourself started on making Windows XP look a little better.

+ Customize Windows XP With Your Own Downloaded Visual Styles!

Get McAfee Off SiteAdvisor Button in Firefox

sa.jpgWasted space is a real pain in the butt for me.

I really like the SiteAdvisor extension for Firefox. The only problem that I have with it is that it takes up too much space on the bottom of the browser window. Now before McAfee took them over I could live with the icon.

How about now? It is just annoying. This is what inspired me to want to fix this problem. With this quick extension edit you can down size that icon and take the “McAfee” part off of it. I love SiteAdvisor but I do not need a McAfee looking back at me every time I glance down there.

If somebody wants me to do so, I can post longer instructions on how I got this done. In all reality you can replace the graphics here (just .gif files) with anything you wish. I figured ninety percent of the folks out there just want it done and don’t care how to do it on their own.

First thing you need to do is download this file.

+ Download This File! (safe.jar)

Now that you have that downloaded, search your computer for this folder:


If you have a problem finding it there, then check out this path:

C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\AplicationData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(random number)\extensions\

Look in there till you find the folder for SiteAdvisor. It might take some snooping – hence the reason why I included the “find the folder” method above.

Once you have found it, open it up then go into the “chrome” folder. Now inside this folder you should see a file called safe.jar. This is the one you want to replace. Drag the safe.jar that you downloaded from me into this folder, then replace it.

Restart Firefox, and your new down sized SiteAdvisor button should be there. Want more Firefox help and tips like this? Make sure you go visit and subscribe to FirefoxFacts.com.

Adding New Feed Readers to Firefox 2

start.jpgOne of the few annoyances I have found with Firefox 2.0 is there was no way for me to add Rojo in as my feed reader of choice. By default, if you don’t use one of the recommended ones, you are out of luck for right now. I decided to look around to see if I could find a solution though.

1. The first thing you need to do is go into about:config. Just type “about:config” into your address bar.

2. Now the second thing you need to do is decide which feed reader you are going to replace. I replaced the Google Feed Reader with Rojo.

Now scroll down in about:config till you find the string called:


Right-click this string and choose “Modify”. Now get rid of the name that is there, and add the name of your new feed reader. (I typed “Rojo” in this box) Then hit “OK”.

3. Next you will need to look a little further down in about:config till you find the string called:


Right-click this string and choose “Modify” again. This time you are going to have to change the URL that your service in question uses. In the place where the feed would go, put in “%s”. So for Rojo, I typed this into that box:


last.jpgThen hit “OK”.

4. After you get done with that, restart Firefox 2. Go into Tools, then Options, then Feeds. If all goes well, you should see your feed reader of choice replacing the old selection you had. Instead of Google, I now have Rojo. Select your new option, hit “OK” and you are done!

Making MySpace Almost Usable in 4 Steps

You know and I know it, MySpace is ugly as hell and filled with a lot of ugly Web pages. Even the basic design of MySpace is down right unusable at times. So why use it? Well, everybody and their grandmother is on there, so it is still a good way to stay in touch with folks. So you don’t want it to be ugly and unusable, but you do want to use the service. What is a guy to do?

Well, the first step is to get Greasemonkey for Firefox.

The next step would be to visit UsefulScripts.org and pick up a few handy helpers. What are the scripts you need?

1. MySpace View All Friends +

This script adds a few more links on the “View All Friends” Web page via MySpace that makes checking out your friends a lot easier. It adds “Message” link for you to send them a message. It adds a “Comment” link for you to leave a comment for them. Last but not least, you get a “View Pics” link to view your friend’s pictures.

2. MySpace Annoyance Removal

Now lets clear away some of that stuff you don’t really need. The author of this script says:

This script removes the Cool New People (that really aren’t even that cool), the Featured Profile (that nobody cares about), the block ad at http://home.myspace.com/* (which, when animated, can reduce the viewer to a drooling pile of mush), the ad at the top of the page (which is just as annoying as the block ad), and the full-page ads- plus it even lets you block CSS, images, or flash for individual profiles (this is in the form of a link that replaces the “Extended Network” text), and it’ll even remember and let you change your settings. It even has automatic release notification so that you’ll never be without the latest version!

3. MySpace Headshrinker

I do not really think I need to explain this one. It shrinks the “white space” left in the head of the MySpace Web pages.

So there you have it, an almost usable version of MySpace in four steps.

Update: I updated the URL for MySpace View All Friends +. Thanks to Jade for pointing that out to me. :)