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Simple Downloadable DHTML and AJAX Code

dhtml and ajax code examples I really have a hard time learning more about anything, unless I can get into it, tinker with it, later break it and then figure out how to put it back together again.  Most of the web site design knowledge I have was achieved using this method, and at this point I think any of you are happy to hear I never became a doctor. 

Many people out there are looking for an easy way to learn more about DHTML and AJAX code, so to help you learn like I did – try MiniAjax.com.  This web site provides you with many nice looking, simple DHTML and AJAX code examples to play with and learn from.  Here are a few tutorial examples I found there:

Check these code examples out (and many more) at MiniAjax.com.

Create Polaroid-like Photos Easily

Create Your Own Polaroid Photo

Rollip will allow you to upload, edit and create your own Poloraoid-like photos from any image on your computer.

Looking for a way to get that great old Polaroid photo look, without the old fashioned camera?  Say what you will about the crappy film, however, to me at least, it always felt like a step backwards moving from Polaroid to 35mm film – because sure, the photos looked better, but they were not instant.  Plus, who doesn’t miss waving their photo in the air (and sometimes even blowing on it) because an uncle’s niece’s friend that you knew from his brother’s sister told you it helped them develop faster.

Try it out on Rollip.com, and take a trip back to the way photos used to be.

10 Best Paint.NET Tutorials

Logo3I have been playing a lot more with Paint.NET lately, trying to get back in tune with my more creative side.  One thing I never realized was there are a lot of great tutorials out there for it, but it is hard to find the best ones.  Here are the top ten best Paint.NET tutorials I have run across so far.

It is amazing how advanced Paint.NET has gotten over the years. Also, if your used to the graphic editor layout – it is really easy to pick up and use too.  Know of any other great tutorials?