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Minecraft: Very Voidbound Christmas! – Voidbound – Ep 48

The Holiday Hooligans are back again and this time they are decorating the Christmas tree and spawn with some holiday joy and general mayhem.  Join myself, Gryphon, Fish, DandH and ShyGuySquid as we bring Christmas to the Voidbound vanilla SMP server.  Merry Christmas to all our subscribers too!

Christmas Tree Setup! – Voidbound – Ep 41

Christmas is right around the corner – so it is time to get us a tree set up on the Voidbound SMP Minecraft server.  We get this done as well as work some on our house and do a little Wither fighting with some friends.  Have feedback? Make sure you let me know in the comments!

Cancelled Party Site?

Today we go take a closer look at where our Christmas party would have happened, if everything came together.  My hopes are that we may still be able to use it for something – because Pantone and the rest did do a lot of great work on it. Remember to like the video if you enjoyed – and leave me your comments!

Secret Santa Delivery

We are back in action on the MindCrack Fan Server and are all ready for Christmas! We get our present from our secret santa and then play secret santa to our good friend, OreoWeirdo.  Who was it that tried to prank me?

MindCrack Fan Server Secret Santa

After some technical difficulties with the MindCrack fan server – I am back on and ready to do some building.  Today we will work together to start up the Secret Santa stand in Blockhaven.  This should offer the community a way to request and deliver presents to other people on the server.  Let me me know what you think of the design and also don’t forget to leave a like above!

Ohh, and don’t forget to visit Oddmast’s channel here:

Great Distraction Free Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Looking for a distraction free way to celebrate the holidays on your desktop?  Check out this awesome and simple Christmas tree wallpaper I found over at Simple Desktops.  I really hate having too much clutter on desktop while I work, so this wallpaper is perfect for me – how about you?

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Merry Christmas from Mitchelaneous

Santa Love the Web Hosting ShowChristmas has even made it’s way over to Mitchelaneous.com – and who would have guessed I’d pass up the chance to call it Mitch-mas.   😀

For all of you I have two very special presents – a couple of my other side projects you may or may not know that much about.  I wanted to take a minute or two of your time so that you could check them out, and if you like them as much as you like Mitchelaneous – feel free to subscribe there too.  Merry Christmas!

The Web Hosting Show

The Web Hosting Show is my weekly podcast on and about the wacky world of web hosting.  From news, to help and even some shopping tips – I like to help people get the most out of their hosting accounts – while having a little fun along the way.

My Favorite Web Hosting Show Posts of the Year:

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Firefox Facts

Firefox Facts is my daily blog about all things relating to Firefox.  It started out as an e-book project, but has expanded by leaps and bounds since then.  Find reviews for useful extensions, great looking Firefox themes and a whole lot more.  I even toss in an occasional roundup of the best tools for this, that and the other.  If you use Firefox, you need to subscribe.

My Favorite Firefox Facts Posts of the Year:

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Thanks to all my visitors and free RSS feed subscribers for keeping this rambling side project of mine fun to do.  This November was the 5 year anniversary of Mitchelaneous.com, and hopefully we will have many more years to come.

Merry Christmas from Mitchelaneous

Here’s hoping that each and every one of you out there have a very Merry Christmas (or insert other just as merry other holiday here). It has been a most excellent holiday season from here – as I am enjoying a break from my usual job – a little mini vacation to help me recharge the ol’ batteries.

If your looking for a present.. geez, I am afraid I don’t have much. How about adding a couple of new web sites to your RSS feed reader of choice? If you like what you see here I am sure you will love FirefoxFacts.com (RSS Feed) and WebHostingShow.com (RSS Feed). Thanks for reading Mitchelaneous through out the year – and hopefully many more great things will come by the time I make this same post next year.