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Where Did the Mooshrooms Go?

Today is our last day to search out on our adventure to find the elusive Mooshroom biome in Minecraft. Will we return to the castle empty handed or will we bring red cattle back to our home base? Watch and find out! Also, make sure you like the video, leave a comment and share it with your friends!

Legendary Ender Ender Tour

On today’s episode we take care of a few things around the castle, show off the finished Ender Ender and then set off to do some more exploring for new teraine that we have not seen before in my Minecraft SSP world.  Leave your comments, likes and make sure you subscribe!

Bad Luck Horse

I woke up in a mood to go on a little Minecraft adventure. However, with the changes to Mobs in Minecraft 1.6 – did I bite off more than I could chew? Some thought might need to be taken into consideration before I dive back out in the blocky blue yonder.

Mitch Plays GONE (Minecraft Adventure Map)

In this map I take on the role of one of the last humans on earth after you find yourself in an empty world with no other signs of life… with the exception of the infinitely expanding group of mutated creatures that appeared after everyone else disappeared.

It is now your duty to discover what happened, why it happened and how it can be reversed. That is, if it can be reversed.

Let’s See That Prison Yard

We are still trying to figure out how the heck to get out of this crazy Minecraft prison!  Jail Break is a fun adventure map made by the fantastic folks at The Diamond Hoe Online.  Today we make a little more progress in trying to escape the prison and take a look at the prison’s yard.

Fan Server Mining with Chef!

Today we start things off by doing a little teraforming on our plot and then mining with Chef!  Chef is a really awesome member of the MindCrack fan server that you should all take not of.  We set off in my first two person collaboration to find some caves on the new MindCrack fan server world.  This is a two parter – so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss the next episode!

Desert Stronghold (Part 2)

Time for part two of our two part tour of the stronghold I found in the desert. Can we find some more treasures? Is there any more stronghold on the other side of the ravine? Let me know what you would like for me to do next too – in the comments on YouTube or on this post here.  Would love to hear your feedback!

Zombie Attack

I am back to playing Minecraft again – now that some of the holiday and first of the year worries are over with. Where are we going in the game today? Well, we are going to run across our first dungeon in yet another underground ravine.

Skeleton’s Ravine (Part 2)

TIme to take a trip back to the Skeleton’s Ravine to see what other goodies we can find, tucked away in the walls.  There should be a lot of resources (hopefully more than a few diamonds) and some scary stuff too.  Check out the video and let me know what you think I should do next.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube – I am really close to reaching my next goal, which is having 100 channel subscribers.