Aggressive Marketing Strategies

Marketing TipsIn the world of business, there are several aggressive marketing strategies you can try, to see which might work best for your situation.  The risk and reward might vary, depending on how assertive you want to be.

As a business, you never want to sit on your hands, so take a look at these four different aggressive marketing strategies and you tell me, which one might benefit your needs. You can break these marketing strategies into four types, you have reactive marketing, analyzer marketing, defender marketing and prospector marketing.

Reactive Marketing

When you are a reactor, you have no real proactive strategy.  You might just react to events as they occur, and have no real big plan to grow or take care of your business.  You meet each challenge as you come to it – and is not really that effective of a business strategy. Now, you don’t want to over plan your business development, but you should have some idea of what you want to do and need to do when you are in charge or anything out there.

Analyzer Marketing

People who are into analyzer marketing, might be defined as the Goldilocks of our story.  They are really the best middle ground when you compare our next two strategies – defensive marketing and prospector marketing.  Somebody who is more of an analyzer might go after that new way to branch out the business, but they will have solid facts as to why this idea is a good one.  Rather than dive into untested new markets to see if they will stick, the analyzer marketing technique might be more sly, as they gradually expand into an existing market while still keeping a good balance of products in their portfolio.

Defender Marketing

In defensive marketing, you take less risks – but you do work hard to keep your current customer base happy. In our current economic position in the world today – this strategy might be the best one to follow. When you are in defensive marketing, you are putting a wall up around your business to keep the customers or clients you have happy so they don’t start looking for a way out.  You will not see a great boom in business using this technique, but as time goes by more people will come to check you out through word of mouth advertising from current clients.

Prospector Marketing

When you here prospector, you might think of an old hillbilly man looking for gold out in “those there hills” or something to that effect.  That is about the best comparison you can use, for this basic business idea. Prospectors are very aggressive when it comes to looking for ways to expand the business – and often dive into several new markets, just to see what sticks.  They might launch five new products, but only one really becomes popular.  To be able to become a prospector when marketing, you need to have a large base of cash or find funding very easily.  As time has moved on, businesses have become more conservative with the money they have – so the prospector marketing strategy has been on the decline.

Each of these marketing strategies are aggressive in their own way, and have their own purpose or usefulness when the time comes.  It is up to you to decide which might help the marketing of your own brand, products or ideas out there today.

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