Best Alternative to Google Reader Yet

Best RSS Reader, Ever?

Feedlooks is a very interest new way to subscribe to your favorite website RSS feeds, and keep track of when they have new posts to check out.  Rather than serving as a separate webpage you visit to keep up with RSS subscriptions, Feedlooks comes with you to each website you want to visit.

Now, I know that might sound a little strange, so let me explain.  After looking in you get your standard interface that is simple, to the point and does not mess around with too much visual candy.

Feed Reader View

So where is the excitement? When you click on one of these preview links for the RSS feed you are subscribed to, it will take you directly to the page the post is on.  So how do you get back to the Feedlooks service?  It stays loaded as a web-based toolbar across the top of the page.

Live Site Feed Reading

Want to get back to your list of feeds you need to read? Just click the “Home” section at the top and it pops back up with more headlines for you to check out.  Once you are done checking your feeds – you don’t have to mark the ones you have not checked out yet as read to get rid of them.   Simply close Feedlooks. New items added since you last checked will show under the default category “New”.

As a website publisher, this is really exciting to me because I like the idea of bringing more people in to see my content on my actual website.

Overall, I have high hopes for this great new service.  You can sign up and check it out at  This is the first RSS reader to give Google Reader a run for its money in a long time.

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