Wallpapers Organize Desktop Icon Clutter

Looking for a very simple way to organize your mess of icons on your desktop?  Look no further than this very slick and simple wallpaper I ran across a few weeks ago.

Organize Your Icons on a Shelf!

Makes you really wonder, why did nobody think of this before?

Now, if that was not enough awesomeness for your desktop, or you want a more “real world” look to things, how about this desktop setup?

Ghostbusters FTW!

Yes, that is the painting of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2.  I really like them both, so hard to pick which one is my favorite.  I really hope to stumble across even more wallpaper like this soon.

Not sure who the original artist is for the Vigo version, but if anybody knows – please share the name in the comments.  Would love to give credit where credit is due.

Have any other creative ways to organize your desktop?

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