Batman’s Epic Slap to Robin’s Kisser

I am having way too much fun with the Batman and Robin comic generator this morning.  It is Monday though, so I am allowed a little leeway, right?

Pow, right in the kisser!

My question to you all is, did it really happen or is this some Internet hoax?

This generator is based on the famous classic Batman and Robin comic scene where for some odd reason, Robin asks Batman what he’s getting his parents for Christmas… or is it?

Here is the “Internet” famous comic panel:

Damn you Robin!

Now here is what was really said:

The real story!

So Robin is not really such a jerk after all. Batman is overly obsessed with getting Superman, because he believes Superboy (and in turn Superman) was responsible for his father’s death. Check out the rest of the story behind the epic slap over at CBR.

Now that you know the rest of the story, head over to to create your own “Batman slaps Robin” fill-in-the-quotes comic panel.

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