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Phreeze takes on Gweedo – EAW TV

Alright, I promised it – and now I am here to deliver, the first of hopefully many matches from the Extreme Amateur Wrestling archives.  This first match pits our resident “jobber” Gweedo against the coldest heart in the EAW, Phreeze.  It is also for the EAW’s Hardcore Championship.

Behind the camera doing play by play is yours truly – playing my role as the “voice of the EAW”.  To give you a little ‘bit of a back-story, this match actually took place a few years after we had all “retired” as an effort to do one last show.

Enjoy, and remember – don’t take it too seriously.

EAW TV is a weekly look back at the backyard wrestling my friends and I partook in, in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.  Not out there to impress, but rather to entertain, watch the Extreme Amateur Wrestling crew take each other on, one more time.

Introducing Extreme Amateur Wrestling


My name is Mitch and I was a backyard wrestler.

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, professional wrestling was at a high point.  You had the NWO, Austin 3:16, and if you didn’t tune in Monday night, you just didn’t know what was going on in the world.  So my friend and I did what others were doing – doing all that stuff they told you, “Not to try at home”. 

However, what separated us from the rest, was we just had fun with it.  We never bashed each other over the head with light bulbs or did anything stupid that would seriously injure somebody.  That was only part of it though. 

Having decide to take down the ring – I thought it might fun to share with the world what EAW used to be about.  Rather than tell you, which I’d be blue in the face by the time I finished, I thought I would let you watch what was going on 10 years ago.

As soon as I start converting them over, the EAW library of content will be shared right here.  I hate to sound clique, but stay tuned.  It is devastating.

5 Crazy Super Nintendo Mods

Having been an fan of the Super Nintendo for many many years, I thought I would check out some of the craziest mods people have done on the system I have loved for so many years.  I don’t know if I’d have the heart to do this to my own SNES, however I do have to give them a standing ovation of innovation.

The “I Want Brains” Zombie Super Nintendo Mod

Zombie SNES Mod

The Super Nintendo Goes Wii Mod

Mix an SNES with a Wii

The Super Nintoaster Mod

The Super Nintoaster!

The Portable Super Nintendo Mod

Handheld SNES!

The My SNES is Now My PC Mod


Which one is your favorite?  Being a big horror movie fan, the zombie SNES I think would be the winner for me.  Then again, the toaster SNES might be the most enjoyable one to use, because of its extreme oddness.

Simple Downloadable DHTML and AJAX Code

dhtml and ajax code examples I really have a hard time learning more about anything, unless I can get into it, tinker with it, later break it and then figure out how to put it back together again.  Most of the web site design knowledge I have was achieved using this method, and at this point I think any of you are happy to hear I never became a doctor. 

Many people out there are looking for an easy way to learn more about DHTML and AJAX code, so to help you learn like I did – try  This web site provides you with many nice looking, simple DHTML and AJAX code examples to play with and learn from.  Here are a few tutorial examples I found there:

Check these code examples out (and many more) at

10 More Great Sources for Design Inspiration

Best Web Design Resources

Working on a logo, a web site design, or any type of graphic work?  If you are, and your stuck in the design process – not knowing where to turn next – I have ten great sources to get your inspiration back. 

  1. Open Source Vector Art – tons of logos, in vector form, to find your muse.
  2. Design Snack – a great “digg-like” layout resource, where you can vote for the best.
  3. CSS Princess – a showcase of some great unique CSS-powered designs.
  4. Desizn Tech – great blog for design lovers of any kind.
  5. Open Source Web Design – the name says it all, tons of free themes to check out here.
  6. Best CSS Gallery – check out some of the best CSS powered themes here.
  7. OriginMaker – another good blog the highlights some of the best layouts on the web.
  8. Design By Grid – tips and tutorials to help you do grid-based layouts and designs.
  9. Stylegala – awesome database of designs, layouts and resources.
  10. CSS Bag – grab a sack of design goodness or just check out the gallery of sites.

Have another favorite of yours that you would like to share?  Let me know!

Why You Never Sneak up on a Luchador

From the world of crazy Luchadors...

To end this fine week, this is why you never sneak up on a luchador:

Vampiro says on July 7th, he was asleep in his Guadalajara home when several men broke in and tried to kidnap him. Police were patrolling the area and saw the garage door, front door and windows all broken out and called for immediate back up.

The men jumped out of one of the windows in the home. Vampiro was asleep when officers kicked in his bedroom door, waking him up. Vampiro says he didn’t know at first they were police, thinking they were intruders with weapons, so he jumped out of his second floor bedroom window, falling 15 feet to the ground.

He broke four vertebrae in his middle and lower back and re-injured the two herniated discs in his neck, but thankfully is still alive and kicking. 

That concludes your crazy Luchador story of the day.

A Not So Flattering Review of DISQUS

DISQUS Comment System Review

As you might of (or might not have, depending on how often you visit) noticed, I had DISQUS powering the comments on Mitchelaneous, the Web Hosting Show and Firefox Facts.  However, “had” is the important word.  This morning I removed DISQUS across the board.

Now I’ll cut to the chase, and tell you why.  It seems that no matter how I tweaked around with WordPress, I could never get DISQUS to pick up on all my trackbacks and comments.  One or two a day would get stuck going to the internal WordPress comment engine (which is practically blocked from you after you install DISQUS).

Having grown tired of checking two places for spam and comments, I decided things were simpler before DISQUS was brought into the picture.  It might be an alright comment system for some, but for me – it was just a little more trouble than it was worth.  Just my two cents here, so if you have an opinion that is either positive or negative about DISQUS post it in the comments.

Update: I have recently had a change of heart, and have decided Disqus is doing a much better job now, than ever before.  Before you make up your mind, be sure to check out my re-review and troubleshooting tips of Disqus.

Create Polaroid-like Photos Easily

Create Your Own Polaroid Photo

Rollip will allow you to upload, edit and create your own Poloraoid-like photos from any image on your computer.

Looking for a way to get that great old Polaroid photo look, without the old fashioned camera?  Say what you will about the crappy film, however, to me at least, it always felt like a step backwards moving from Polaroid to 35mm film – because sure, the photos looked better, but they were not instant.  Plus, who doesn’t miss waving their photo in the air (and sometimes even blowing on it) because an uncle’s niece’s friend that you knew from his brother’s sister told you it helped them develop faster.

Try it out on, and take a trip back to the way photos used to be.

Make Any Site Print Friendly

Better Page Printing with Print Friendly

Ever been browsing an article or guide online that you wish you could print out, without all the junk that the web site provides?  Print Friendly offers to make any web site out there easier to print.  You can use their web site tool to enter the URL you wish to simplify for your printer, or use the bookmarklet to gain access to the tool at any time. 

PrintFriendly screenshot

You can then e-mail the printer friendly version to your friends, tweet about it, or edit the document removing pictures or blocks of text. 

Want to add this interactivity to your own web site layout, maybe under each article that you post?  You can do that too by grabbing the Print Friendly button code.  For WordPress users, there is even a plugin you can install to add it to all your blog posts automatically.

Overall, Print Friendly is a pretty nice service, if you are looking to do a little article simplification, perfect for print.