Best of the Free Zombie Flash Games

Nothing can get better than beating up a few mindless zombies, right?  Put that together with some of the creative and cool flash games out there, and you my friend have a good time.  Here is my collection of some of the best free “zombie-related” flash games.

De-Animator – In this game, you are a fragile looking old man with a gun.  Shoot zombies, reload, shoot more zombies.  Couldn’t get any easier.

Zombie Flash Game #1

Ninjotic Mayhem – Zombies + Ninjas = Fun (that is all the needs to be said)

Zombie Flash Game #2

Zombie War – Here is what would happen if the Lemmings went to war with a zombie horde.  Help your little army dudes lay waste to the zombies coming right at them!

Zombie Flash Game #3

Have another one that should be on the list?  Be sure to share!  Nothing helps to kill the time more than beating up a few mindless zombies.  Oh silly zombies, will you never learn?

Welcome readers, and thanks for these awesome additional zombie games:

Keep those suggestions coming in! Know of another fun zombie-based game? Grab your boomstick and head down below to the comments.

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