WordPress Sucks? Try Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is like WordPress’s less popular friend, that does all the same things but doesn’t get the same love from the public.  A light, flexible and secure publishing platform, Nucleus CMS is definitely worth check out if you are looking for an alternative blogging platform.

The Nucleus CMS install process isn’t rocket science, so that is defiantly a good thing.  Any basic Linux hosting account should make a good home for it. 


You can check out more screenshots of Nucleus CMS in action here.  You can also play with the demo too, if you what to try some of the features out for yourself.

Here is a little more about Nucleus CMS from the developers:

Thanks to an international community of sophisticated developers and designers, Nucleus CMS remains simple enough for anyone to learn, and expandable enough to allow you to build almost any web site you can imagine. Nucleus CMS lets you integrate text, images, and user comments in a seamless package that will make your web presence as serious, professional, personal, or fun as you want it to be.

The must for any blogging platform, skins and plugins are both there.  So this means you have even more possibilities when it comes to customizing Nucleus CMS to meet your own needs. 

You can download Nucleus CMS for free, so why not give it a shot?

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