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1922 Horror for Halloween

We all know our Freddys and Jasons, but what did people do for horror movies back in 1922?  One simple word, Nosferatu.  This chilling and eerie adaptation on Dracula is still admired as one of the best horror movies of all time.

Watch the entire Nosferatu movie here, and you decide – is it still a hit?

If you need a few more classics to watch today, try these:

Happy Halloween everybody!  Hope you have a good one!

Popular Flash Games Free with Friv


I usually don’t invest much time into flash games online, but after finding this depository of some of the most popular flash games out there, I might have to save for a rainy day.  Once you start playing a game, they always have the controls in a graphic towards your left – so you never have to spend too much time figuring out how to play.  There are tons of games to play, and once one isn’t being played any more – they toss it out, and bring in a new one. 

What does that mean?  You are always getting the best of the best.

Don’t miss out on any more geek candy!

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10 More Paint.NET Tutorials

As I learn to use Paint.NET more and more, I seem to be running across even more great tutorials to share with all of you.  Last time around, I covered the 10 best Paint.NET tutorials – and this time I have 10 more for you to enjoy.  Which is your favorite?


Exploding planets

Draw in Three Dimensions

Poker Set – Playing Cards & Chips

How to Make a Glass Cube


Blowing Bubbles

Spacescape tutorials

Make a “Wave” with Paint.NET

How To Make iPod Ads – Rewrite, with images!

Paint.NET continues to be an inspiration for my creativity.  The more tutorials I find, the more things I want to try out myself – or tweak to fit my own needs.

Stay in Tune with Your Co-Workers

Working on any large team, it can be difficult to keep your ideas, questions and answers all organized and in one place.  Co-op, a new web service out there looks to bring all of that together for you. 


From the default interface, you will think, “oh, this looks like Twitter”, but I promise that there is more under the hood than that.  Think of it along the same lines though, a social stream of co-workers all posting together.  The team can then post updates, ask questions, share links all in real time. 

You can also quickly share the daily job or agenda with your team.  This way you don’t have to bother trying to get everybody together so you can go over the job that needs to be done.  You can always go back in time and check on members’ contributions and search through the transcripts.  So it is an ever growing database of knowledge too.

I like organization, especially if it helps me get things done, and Co-op is a very useful combination of those two goals.

Lego Batman – the Desktop Icons

One of my most recent video game guilty pleasures has been playing Lego Batman.  It might look a ‘bit cheesy, but it is really addicting and cute.  So for my next desktop icon project, I figured I would deliver to you both a Lego Batman and a Lego Robin icon for your desktop.


+ Download the Lego Batman and Robin Desktop Icons (.zip)

The icon is compatible with the following sizes:  256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64, 48 x 48, 32 x 32, 24 x 24, 16 x 16.  It is also in both .ico and .png format.

Wouldn’t these look totally awesome as your PC icon, or maybe even your Documents folder?  I hate to make the obvious PC security joke here, so I’ll just leave you to come up with own.

Top 5 Google Pop-up Bookmarklets

google-popup I love bookmarklets. I love Google.  So, mixing the two should not seem like that much of a stretch, right?  Sometimes opening in a different tab just doesn’t get the job done.  So why not open some of the simple services out there in their own popup window?

google Google

To open up Google, just drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar:

+ Google

google Google Notebook

To open up Google Notebook, just drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar:

+ Google Notebook

google Google Talk

To open up Google Talk, just drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar:

+ Google Talk

google Google Calendar

To open up Google Calendar, drag this bookmark to your bookmarks toolbar:

+ Google Calendar

google Google Reader

To open up Google Reader, drag this bookmark to your bookmarks toolbar:

+ Google Reader

What other useful Google resources would make for a good bookmarklet?  These are the ones I find myself using the most, how about you?

What is on the Other Side of the World?

Categorized under the “useless, but cool” folder, you have antipodr.


What does it do?  It calculates any location you give it’s location on the other side of the planet.  For example, when I gave it Texas – it told me if I kept digging all the way though the planet and came out the other side – I would be somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and not China like my grade school teachers told me.  You can enter in an address, city, state or zip code to view the results.

Have time to kill?  Play with antipodr and thank me later.

Need Some Halloween Wallpaper?

Well, now that my birthday is over with – time for my second favorite holiday in October, Halloween!  To help you get in the spirit – I have found some of my favorite Halloween wallpaper out there today.  Now, just to find enough PCs around here to use ’em all.

Wallpaper__Halloween_Pumpkin_by_Noko Halloween_by_PL_Jarod vladstudio_midnightforest_halloween_thumb vladstudio_halloween_thumb vladstudio_ghosts_blue_300x225 7097 7144wide Apple_Halloween_by_bioeraser Halloween_Pumpkins_Wallpaper_by_Lethorgius Apple_Happy_Halloween_1_by_edenprojects Scared Pumpkin Halloween_by_mofotoo Happy_Happy_Halloween_Hallowee_by_TwisterMc Happy Halloween Moonlight_Reaper_2_by_heinrisch Mmm_Pumpkins_by_athaliah

Have another favorite?  Feel free to share!  Happy Halloween!

Fake Man from Mega Man 9 Ready for Your Desktop

From Mega Man 9 right to your desktop – figured I would make a surprise return to the Mega Man 9 icon set to do just one more, Fake Man!


+ Download the Fake Man Desktop Icon! (.zip) 

The icon is compatible with the following sizes:  256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64, 48 x 48, 32 x 32, 24 x 24, 16 x 16.  It is also in both .ico and .png format. Don’t forget the past sets too:

Download the Desktop Icons for the other Mega Man 9 Villains!

Mega Man is Ready for Download too!