A Better WordPress Admin Layout?

There is a new poll, put out there by the WordPress team, seeing if you would like to change up the WordPress admin interface any. 

It seems like they would like to move all of the stuff currently across the top to the side, creating more room for you to view your pages inside of the WordPress admin space, without scrolling up and down.  I like the idea, but I want to do it now – not later.  If you find yourself seeking the same type of WordPress admin interface, give the Fluency Admin plugin for WordPress a shot.


As you can see, the menus are rearranged, main menus down left, sub menus across the top.  If you are using WordPress 2.6 and up, then you should not have any issues getting going with this awesome plugin.  I added this to one of my smaller sites the other day, and love it.  I might have to be adding it to others later on. 

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