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This Week in Mitch (Mail mixed with Saturday Morning Fever?)

Shame on you for missing out on some great post this week?  Want that link again?

  Mixing POP3, Gmail and Thunderbird for E-mail Anywhere!

Watch as I explain my confusing, yet practical e-mail system I have in place.

  Mitch’s Favorite Thunderbird Add-ons and Themes

Here are some of the few Thunderbird goodies worthy of being shared.

  Different Quote Level Colors for Thunderbird

My absolute favorite tweak for Thunderbird usage. Helps with seeing who said what.

  OneNews – Create a List of News

Looking for a way to clone  This is the perfect WordPress powered solution.

  Captain N: The Game Master

This has to be one of the greatest Saturday morning cartoons ever… at least for me.

Captain N: The Game Master

Recently picked up the DVD collection of Captain N: The Game Master.  Now many of you probably don’t remember it, but I sure do.  I was around 7 or 8 years old when it was in it’s first run and is one the the few Saturday morning cartoons I still have an itch to watch even today. 

Here is a pretty good summary of the plot of the show:

The premise of the show concerns average California teen and Nintendo fan Kevin Keene and his faithful dog Lucky, who are both pulled into their game system to Videoland, an animated world populated by heroes and villains from various Nintendo games. There, Kevin must assist the N Team–a group formed by Princess Lana, Icarus (from “Kid Icarus”), Simon Belmont (from “Castlevania”) and Mega Man (from the game of the same name)–in defeating Mother Brain (from “Metroid”) and her henchmen from conquering Videoland.

Still doesn’t sound familiar?  Here’s the intro (the music still gets stuck in my head to this day) to the show:

If you can put aside all the storylines that don’t exactly match up with video game history, it is still a fun show to look back on.  I also stick by the same thing that I thought way back in 1989 – Mother Brain sounds like a drag queen.

OneNews – Create a List of News

OneNews for WordPress in Action The popurls-style of lots of sources on one page is a very interesting one that a lot of people have tried to copy.  Here is a theme for WordPress however, that will get you off on the right foot. 

OneNews does a great job at giving you a WordPress powered multiple news headlines on one page tool.  Ok, maybe that isn’t the prettiest way to describe it but it has got me inspired to perhaps create my own new project styled much like this one.  Now just got to find the time…

Different Quote Level Colors for Thunderbird

tips_quotelevels Scrolling down a really long e-mail trying to sort where one message ends and another one starts can be a pain. Thank goodness though for this Thunderbird tip that will add different colors depending on the level of the quote you are at.

Just copy and paste this to your userContent.css file for Thunderbird:

/* Quote Levels Colors */
	blockquote[type=cite] {    color: navy !important; background-color: RGB(245,245,245) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote {    color: maroon !important; background-color: RGB(235,235,235) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote {    color: green !important; background-color: RGB(225,225,225) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote blockquote {    color: purple !important; background-color: RGB(215,215,215) !important;
	blockquote[type=cite] blockquote blockquote blockquote blockquote {    color: teal !important; background-color: RGB(205,205,205) !important;

There are a handful of other Thunderbird config tips and tweaks you might want to check out from Mozilla’s site too. This is the best one in my opinion though.

Mitch’s Favorite Thunderbird Add-ons and Themes

Continuing the e-mail trend from yesterday, today I thought I would share some of my favorite Firefox add-ons and themes. Listing the add-ons I use with Thunderbird is an easy task.  Why?  Well… there are only two of them. 

ico20_tb  Quicktext – Keep a list of pre-written messages to use in your e-mails.  It also accepts variables so personalizing a static message with information you have in hand is easy to do.

ico20_tb  Minimize to Tray – This extension minimizes Thunderbird to the system tray on the task bar.  This way I can keep Thunderbird running without it getting in the way when I don’t need it.

There are only a handful of themes really worth checking out too.  Here are a few of my favorite themes for Thunderbird:

ico20_tb  Azerty ‘mail – Brighter and unique icons, but still keeps the same look and feel.

ico20_tb  Charamel – A tan colored Thunderbird theme that is awesome, except for a few little things here and there that keep me from using it 24/7.

ico20_tb  Silvermel – A silver port of Charamel, same look (and bugs) – just a different color.

The rest of the popular themes out there all look like Apple/Mac clones (insert yawn here), and do we really need more than one of those? I think not.  Really wish DeviantArt had some better ones too, but they seem to be a little lacking with the Thunderbird skin section.

Mixing POP3, Gmail and Thunderbird for E-mail Anywhere!

Now not saying my e-mail situation is the best setup around, but I do like to think I have a pretty neat foundation in place.  Mixing Gmail with Thunderbird and my other mail accounts elsewhere I have everything sent to one place and I can get to it all from one login location either on the desktop or on the Web. 

Import POP3 Accounts into Gmail

First things first, we have my Gmail account.  This acts as my main mail account.  From there, I have added all my other mail accounts from other various locations (such as or to Gmail.  Google’s e-mail client can act as an e-mail fetcher for all your other POP3 e-mail accounts.  Here is a post from them describing how to set that up:

The short version would be go to Settings > Accounts and then “Add Another Mail Account”.

Get Gmail to Work with IMAP

This is where problem two comes into play.  I want to be able to use Thunderbird on my desktop PC to manage my e-mail and then Gmail via the browser on my laptop (or anywhere else) to get to all my same mail via the Web.  To enable IMAP in Gmail:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Select Enable IMAP.
  5. Configure your IMAP client and click Save Changes.

To configure Thunderbird for Gmail/IMAP, be sure to check out this post here:

Now for the Little Annoying Things

Alright, my mail system is in place and I can mirror Thunderbird with Gmail (or vice versa).  There are a few small kinks yet to be worked out though.  The worst of them is that your address book will not stay in sync between platforms.  You can do this manually of course, but that is a pain in the rear.  There are also a few configuration tweaks you have to change to get your tags and folders to match up with the right spot inside of Thunderbird.

Lifehacker has done a good write up on most of these other little tweaks you may wish to do, so check that out for more information.  There you have it.  It might not be the prettiest system but it does get the job done. 

Mitch’s Week in Review

Here are all the post you loved, you hated or you missed.

m WWE’s Maria Desktop Icon of Hotness

Who wouldn’t want Maria on their desktop?

m Mitch Gets Another Article in Ping! Zine

Featured in on of the top web hosting mags of all the land!

m Download a Colorful Set of Vista-like Folders

To help YOU organize your Vista “My Documents” Folder (yes, I still call it that)

m Another Free Image Host with a Stupid Name

Stupid Name + Free Hosting = Success (yet again!)

m Mitchelaneous Breaks 600+ Subscribers, and MITCH LOVES YOU!

Cheap ploy to get more of you to subscribe, have you yet?

m The Top 10 Best Paint.NET Tutorials (for the graphic nerds)

Get your geeky graphic editing hands on these darlings!

m Web of Pain – Comic Genus with a Mix of Network Tomfoolery

‘Cause I like funny things that slightly have something to do with web hosting.

Web of Pain – Comic for the Web Dev Geeks

It is not often you can mix funny with web hosting.  Thanks to the latest issues of Ping! Zine, I was turned onto a new comic that covers the web development side of things Web of Pain.  Browsing through the archives on their web site, I had a lot of fun.  This one still sticks out as my favorite thus far…


Well worth visiting to see the comics up so far.  It is updated every second Monday, so there will be more fresh content worth checking out soon!  Enter the Web of Pain!

10 Best Paint.NET Tutorials

Logo3I have been playing a lot more with Paint.NET lately, trying to get back in tune with my more creative side.  One thing I never realized was there are a lot of great tutorials out there for it, but it is hard to find the best ones.  Here are the top ten best Paint.NET tutorials I have run across so far.

It is amazing how advanced Paint.NET has gotten over the years. Also, if your used to the graphic editor layout – it is really easy to pick up and use too.  Know of any other great tutorials?

Mitchelaneous : Followed by More than 600 Awesome People

600plussubscribers Just wanted to share some exciting news this morning, Mitchelaneous has finally broken the 600 subscribers mark!  I’ve been watching this one for a while, since I had been hovering in 580 subscribers to 590 subscribers for some time.

To check out every single post, be sure to check out the archives (all of them are on one single page!)  It goes all the way back to an article that no longer exists anymore.  Fun times, indeed.  If you want to go WAY back in time – check out how things looked back in 2005!

Mitchelaneous in 2005!

Not old enough?  Well happened to find a version from back in 2004 (the year the Mitchelaneous fun started here):


Want to help celebrate?  Tell your friends, family and your neighbor’s dog they should be subscribing!  Need some help?

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