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Google Notebook for me has been a life saver in more than one occasion. Right now I use it mainly to manage work related stuff, like quick responses to often asked questions but there are a million and one ways you could get a lot out of it. It is a powerful for just about any job.

googlnote.gif Google Notebook Tools

Get the Google Notebook Firefox Extension – The Firefox extension makes a handy helper if you find yourself diving into Google Notebook a lot during your day. It gives you a little popup menu to manage your notebooks in the bottom right hand corner of the browser.

Open Google Notebook in Firefox Sidebar – This is a hack I guess you could say that I stumbled upon several months ago. Still useful if you like to use the Firefox sidebar function a lot.

Google Notebook for your iGoogle Homepage – If your first stop in your browser is Google, then this iGoogle gadget is a perfect one-two punch to your note saving ways.

googlnote.gif Google Notebook Tasks and Tips

Search Google Notebooks – Always interesting to see what information has been made public and searchable via Google Notebooks.

Getting Things Done with Google Notebook – If not saving isn’t your deal – then you might want to look at using it as a to do list instead. This article from Lifehacker will help you becoming a “getting things done” guru.

Recover Lost Notes from Trash – One handy feature this is still new to Google Notebook is the ability to recover deleted notes and notebooks. Say you have a change of heart about deleting one of your collections, you can recover it here – as long as 30 days hasn’t passed.

Note Your Google Search Results – After using Google Notebook for the first time you should have a new selection under your Google search results to “Note This”. This will add the search result to your notes for safe keeping.

Add “Sections” Back to Notebooks – After the latest redesign, the “sections” seemed to be lost from Google Notebook. To get them back – click on the “New Note” button and then where it says, “Type, paste or add section” click on the blue link for section and you should give yourself back the divider for your single notebook. Organization rocks!

Google Notebook: Use the Privacy Option – Make sure you are not sharing information you don’t want to have public! Since this posts was written I think the default for notebooks is the “private” setting.

Know of anymore tips? If this becomes as popular as the Google Reader guide I did, might have to keep it updated with suggestions if you have them.

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