9 WordPress Alternatives

No doubt that WordPress is the king of the hill when it comes to content management these days. It seems like in a lot of people’s eyes they can do no wrong. There have to a few other choices out there though right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally happy with WordPress – but, there are several cool alternatives that might be worth checking out for your next web project.

Drupal – Drupal is a little more of a WordPress on steroids. Lots of goodies and better membership system in place too.

Nucleus CMSPossibly the best WordPress alternative out there. Gives you all the same features, add-ons, plugins and support.

Textpattern – Flexable and open source blogging solution – much of the same WordPress look and feel.

Serendipity – This is a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to maintain a weblog or even a complete homepage.

Joomla – Like Drupal, might be too feature rich for the casual blogging fan – but a good engine for in depth web sites or basic blogs.

LifeTypeA “state of the art blogging solution” is how LifeType describes themselves.

Habari – Looking at more blogging script alternatives, I ran across one that promises to be, “next-generation blogging.”.  I don’t even know what that means, but I do have to admit Habari has a bright future in t-shirt slogans if nothing else.

Wikiblog – This one tries to mix the blogging and wiki sides of things into an interesting mashup of content creation.

eggblog – While a little light on documentation, Eggblog looks to be a nice alternative blogging script for those of you who might not want to follow the fold and use WordPress or one of the other more popular solutions out there.

There you have it – nine other tools you can use to get your content published and your articles out there to the world. Have one I missed?

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