5 Best Flash Podcast Players

When it comes to flash players for a podcast, I feel like I have just about used them all. Just recently, I added another one to the Web Hosting Show’s layout and design. While doing so I figured then would be as good of a time as any to write down some of my favorites.

Here are the five best, in no specific order at all.

Arrow 1 Pixel Out Audio Player I have been using this one for a while on my podcast. Nice for individual pages and podcasts, gives a clean simple player to use per show.

1 Pixel Out

Arrow Odeo Flash Podcast Player One of the best free podcast players out there today. Customizable interface is nice, I just wish they did a smaller version.

Odeo Player

Arrow Podcast Pickle Player Ad free pickle themed player! How could you say no to the pickles? You know you can’t do it. Both the small and large players are nice.

Pickle Player

Arrow PupuPlayer I just started using this one on WebHostingShow.com as the “big” media player. The pro version is ad free and both the free and paid versions look pretty slick indeed.

Pupu Player

Arrow Wimpy This is the one I started with. The bigger player might be a ‘bit complex, but the small simple button was nice when I started. Not free – but I think it is worth what you pay for it.


More Flash Podcast Players? Need more? Check out an even bigger list over at OkaytoPlay.com. On the “maybe it should have been there on the list” category, I know a few people will want me to mention the XSPF Music Player.

I thought it was nice, and some folks have done nice things with it – but for a novice to all this I wouldn’t suggest it. Takes some tinkering with to get it to do what you want.

Update: Looking for a great stand alone (and free) flash audio player?  EMFF is yet another great solution.

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