Morning News – RSS, PSP 2.6 Firmware

I agree with Nick about the full/partial feed debate! I actually like getting partial feeds because it makes scanning RSS a heck of a lot easier. As I have said before as well, I don’t want full feeds because I don’t read every single news story that comes across FeedDemon. Instead, I scan paragraphs instead of articles, and pick out the ones I want to read.

It is rare these days that I find good and original content out there. Well, one dry spell is over I guess you could say because I found a few weeks ago. It is one of the better blogs out there today. What is discussed? The guy running the Web site talks about making a living off of all his Web sites. Yeah, I do the same thing but it sounds like he’s a little better at it than me.

Well I do think I am on the verge of updating my PSP again. I’m not sure what the long list is when it comes to the new firmware 2.6 version is, as far as features go. One thing did catch my eye so far. I am interested in seeing how RSS plays into the new version. Read about it here and here. If there is anything life changing involved, I’ll be sure to let you know.

[UPDATE] Listen to the Web Hosting Show via the PSP’s new RSS channel!

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