GTA Hot Coffee Spills Over

For the three people who haven’t heard, it seems like the “Hot Coffee” situations inside of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of folks. Not since the blood issues in Mortal Kombat have we seen such an uproar about content inside of a video game. What would fix everything? Follow these two simple tips and everything would be right in the video game world:

1. Make businesses and companies stick to the video game rating system when selling new games. Right now it doesn’t matter if you are 14 years old or 41, you could go in and buy a “Mature” rated game from just about anywhere. Parents and guardians should also pay attention to the games kids are playing. Video games should not be virtual babysitters for adults.

2. People need to realize that video games are not just for little kids anymore. My generation and older generations who have grown up with video games have done some growing up of our own. We never “grew out” of playing video games. Some of the games coming out now are aimed more towards adults and older teens, not for little Jimmy from down the street to get on his 5th birthday.

To prove things have gotten even sillier, it seems like the next target is the Sims 2. Grand Theft Auto’s hot coffee has spilled, and now it is time that we cleaned up this mess that it made.

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